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Mon Rêve loves the environment and respect it. During the recent renovation special attention was paid to some important aspects for the energy efficiency of our eco-friendly hotel in Milano Marittima. We decided to install 12 solar panel for hot water, a last generation low energy consumption boiler, and a water softener upstream the hotel, to reduce the consumption of detergents with a better performance and less pollution. In addition, our boiler cyclically provides to sanitise the hydraulic system and the 90% of the lamps are energy saving and also our new air conditioning system is of the latest generation and respects the environment.
Our balconies, garden furniture and the fence are in pine and spruce from controlled cultivations: the raw material comes exclusively from European countries that apply strict policies of sustainable forest management. The wood selected is processed using totally ecological processes, that exalt the quality maintaining its naturalness.

In all the rooms we have installed PVC fixtures. The high thermal insulation windows Isolcasa, with low emissivity glass, are an indispensable tool for ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment protected against external environmental agents and at the same time to save on heating and electricity, thus also contributing to environmental protection. The fixtures Isolcasa are manufactured respecting all recent standards and are the best product for reclaiming an environment. The floors of the rooms are in parquet, installed without adhesives with click-clack system, without harmful materials.
The bicycle fleet allow our customers to travel easily without having to use the car.

From many years we have enforced the voluntary differentiated waste collection of glass, paper, plastic and wet waste. In this regard we ask the help of our customers, inviting them to use the suitable containers for each waste. As last, we guarantee the quality of the foodstuffs, all certified from local companies with the traceability of the product, to ensure safety and to encourage consumption at km 0.


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